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OHC Radiation Oncologist Dr. John Sacco Wins “2016 Cancer Chopped Champion”

Joanie Manzo, R.N., B.S.N., Blogs, News Releases, 0 comments
June 28, 2016


Cancer Support Community (CSC) and OHC, along with over 100 guests, were entertained Thursday evening at Edwin H. Greene Intermediate Middle School as WKRC Radio celebrity Brian Thomas hosted and “roasted” our energetic chefs: Dr. Ed Faber, Dr. Dené Wrenn, and Dr. John Sacco.

The chef’s baskets, which contained the “secret” ingredients, revealed many cancer-fighting food choices. Our chef’s did not disappoint the judges by creating a Three Bean Salad with a Cajun twist, a Napa Cabbage Salad infused with a honey cilantro dressing, and the winning dish, a Whole Wheat Orzo Salad accompanied by a zesty Dijon vinaigrette.

Celebrity judges included Cancer Support Community board member and accomplished basketball star Lenny Stokes, Chef Chrissy Antenucci, proprietor of The Wheel in Oakley, and Chef Suzy DeYoung, owner of La Soupe in Madeira. Our thanks to the Sycamore School District for providing the event space.

The event was the first of its kind according to CSC program director Kelly Schoen. The concept was tailored similar to the popular Food Network cooking show, Chopped. Presented in a lively format, the program’s purpose was to educate consumers about food choices that help reduce the risk of cancer. Diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices all help contribute to prevention notes John F. Sacco, M.D.

Although only one “chef” could claim the title, all three did a superb job creating dishes that were beautiful, creative, healthy, and delicious.

Enjoy our photos from the event!


(L to R) Celebrity judges Lenny Stokes, Chef Suzy DeYoung, and Chef Chrissy Antenucci in action.


Cancer Chopped Champion guests received helpful information from OHC and Cancer Support Community.


Chef Dene’ looks in her ingredients basket with emcee Brian Thomas.


Cancer Chopped contestants Drs Ed Faber, John Sacco, and Dené Wrenn.


CSC board member and event judge Lenny Stokes with two guests.


WKRC Radio host and event emcee Brian Thomas enjoys the winning dish.


(L to R): WKRC radio host Brian Thomas, Chef Suzy DeYoung, Dr. Ed Faber, CSC Board Member Lenny Stokes, Chef Chrissy Antenucci, Dr. John Sacco, and Dr. Dené Wrenn.


Guests begin settling in to enjoy a delicious event!


The event was packed with our soon-to-be-hungry guests.



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