The Only Local FACT-accredited BMT Unit.
OHC medical oncologists oversee the only FACT-accredited blood and marrow transplant center in the tri-state. Among the best in the nation, the center has earned this prestigious accreditation for quality patient care and laboratory practices.

A BLOOD & MARROW TRANSPLANT (BMT) replaces a person’s damaged stem cells with healthy ones. This procedure is vital for some patients because stem cells in bone marrow create:

  • Red blood cells – to carry oxygen throughout the body
  • White blood cells – to fight infections
  • Platelets – to the blood clot

Very high doses of chemotherapy, and sometimes radiation, are used to destroy difficult cancers and blood disorders. But the treatment also kills healthy stem cells found in bone marrow. BMT is used to replace the cells that were destroyed. Delivered into the body like a blood transfusion they eventually settle in the marrow and begin growing and making healthy blood cells.