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OHC Did You Know - You Have a Choice
You Have a Choice.
With a diagnosis as frightening as cancer, it's no wonder that most patients go wherever their physician or hospital referred them. But you have the power to make your own choice. So why not choose OHC, the region's most advanced cancer care practice with 16 locations close to home?

CT Scan

PET Scan



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DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING refers to technologies that physicians use to look inside your body for clues about your medical condition. OHC physicians use a variety of the most advanced technologies available.

X-rays, ultrasound, CT scans, PET scans, and DEXA scans are all types of diagnostic imaging used by OHC physicians on-site or in partnership with other facilities.

Many imaging tests are painless and easy. Some require that you remain still for a long time inside a machine. This can be uncomfortable for some people. Certain tests involve radiation, but these are generally considered safe because the dosage is very low.