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OHC is Your Oncology Medical Home.
In addition to leading cancer expertise, OHC is home for everything you need, from coordinating treatment to helping with insurance issues. It's part of our patient-centered focus on becoming your oncology medical home and just one more way we put you and your family first.


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MEDICAL ONCOLOGY is the medical specialty for diagnosing and treating cancer using chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological therapy, and targeted therapy. A medical oncologist often is the main health care provider for someone who has cancer.

A medical oncologist is a highly trained physician who specializes in treating people with cancer, primarily through the use of drugs to kill cancer cells. The medical oncologist is responsible for the care of that patient from the moment of diagnosis throughout the course of the disease.

Your OHC medical oncologist will:

  • Explain the cancer diagnosis and stage (the extent of the cancer)
  • Develop, discuss, deliver, and direct all treatment options, a recommended treatment strategy, and a multi-disciplinary care team who specialize in different areas of care but work together
  • Maintain the patient’s quality of life by managing pain and other symptoms or side effects such as constipation, nausea and vomiting, and fatigue
  • Listen to the patients needs while delivering the world-class quality and compassionate care