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OHC Radiation Therapy
We Offer Advanced Radiation Therapy.
Radiation therapy is evolving at a rapid pace and, at OHC, you always have access to the latest options. We can customize your care using innovative technologies including 3D diagnostics, stereotactic body radiation, and Gamma Knife radiosurgery.

Radiation Therapy

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RADIATION ONCOLOGY is a medical specialty that treats cancers and sometimes benign (non-cancerous) conditions with various types of radiation. The radiation treatments are called radiation therapy or radiotherapy.

A radiation oncologist specializes in treating cancer with radiation therapy (the use of high-energy x-rays to destroy cancer cells). Radiation can be given alone or in combination with surgery and/or chemotherapy. It may also be used palliatively (to relieve symptoms in patients with incurable cancers). Radiation oncologists work closely with other physicians such as surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, and others as part of a multi-disciplinary care team.

Your OHC radiation oncologist will:

  • Explain the cancer diagnosis and stage (the extent of the cancer)
  • Develop, discuss, deliver, and direct all treatment options, a recommended treatment strategy, and a multi-disciplinary care team who specialize in different areas of care but work together
  • Maintain the patient’s quality of life by managing pain and other symptoms or side effects
  • Listen to the patients needs while delivering world-class quality and compassionate care