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OHC Did You Know - You Have a Choice
You Have a Choice.
With a diagnosis as frightening as cancer, it's no wonder that most patients go wherever their physician or hospital referred them. But you have the power to make your own choice. So why not choose OHC, the region's most advanced cancer care practice with 12 locations close to home?

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Thank you for choosing OHC. We value the trust you and your doctor have shown in choosing us as your health care provider. In addition to the most current treatments available, our multidisciplinary team of experts will work with you to ensure you receive exceptional care and support during your time with us. As your oncology medical home, our mission is to provide patient focused, high quality, cost effective, and innovative care.

Here is some general information that may help you during your time with us.

Where can I learn more about OHC?
You will receive an OHC patient packet that includes a booklet, All About OHC, and handouts explaining our services. An OHC associate will review this information with you. Should you have additional questions, please ask your OHC caregiver or check other pages of this website.

What are OHC’s hours?
General OHC business hours are 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. OHC also offers weekend hours at our Kenwood location for urgent patient needs outside regular office hours.

Who do I call if I’m experiencing symptoms?
CALL US EARLY. CALL US FIRST. If you are experiencing symptoms and/or side effects, please call our triage nurse navigators at 1-800-710-4674. They are available 7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Monday – Friday. Please call us as soon as you begin to experience symptoms or side effects so we can address your medical needs and avoid unnecessary complications.

How do I reach an OHC provider?
To reach an OHC provider, please contact our call center team at 1-800-710-4674. An operator will take a message. Our doctors are seeing patients in the office, so a nurse will initially handle your call. Our oncology nurses have the experience and training to assist you with your questions. If necessary, the nurse will consult with your OHC doctor.

If you call after regular business hours, we will direct you to the OHC doctor on-call. Following each visit with us, you will receive an After Visit Summary, which contains current information about your treatment plan. It may be helpful to have this document available if you call after office hours or on the weekend.

Important note regarding call blocking:
If you have call block telephone service, please turn off this feature to make sure your OHC providers call is received.

Does OHC have a patient portal?
Yes. OHC has a patient portal that offers patients easy access to their health information and the ability to communicate non-urgent information to their OHC provider. Please see the flyer included in your new patient packet. An OHC associate will discuss with you how to can sign up.

How do I refill a prescription?
Please monitor your medications to avoid a delay in refilling them. We recommend that you check the supply of your medications before each doctor office visit so that you can request refills at the time of your scheduled appointment.

Another way you can help us monitor your medications is to always bring any new medication bottles with you to your next doctor appointment. Bringing the medication bottles with you will allow us to write the exact name, dose and schedule of your medicines. You may also use MyChart to request a prescription refill. When calling the office regarding a prescription refill request, please call during normal business hours. Remember to have your pharmacy telephone number available when calling the office. Your pharmacy number is necessary for medication refills or new medications that may be prescribed for your symptoms.

Controlled substance prescriptions (narcotic pain medication) require special attention and cannot be called into a pharmacy. Controlled substance prescriptions can only be written and signed by a physician during normal business hours. These prescriptions must be picked up at the doctor’s office during business hours by the patient or an authorized family member who is listed on the HIPAA form. The patient or family member must sign an acknowledgment that he/she has picked up the prescription. For additional information on OHC pharmacy services, please call 1-800-710-4674 to speak with a pharmacist Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Lab services
OHC uses local laboratories for patient specimens we collect in our office. Please inform us if your insurance company has any special restrictions on which laboratory that your specimens can be sent to. If you have any questions, please ask any OHC associate before your lab specimens are collected.