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D Randolph Drosick MD OHC

D. Randolph Drosick, M.D.

Breast cancer and lung cancer are areas of interest for Dr. Drosick. “Oncology encompasses total care of the patient. I had several great mentors at the University of Kentucky that impressed me with both their skill and compassion. I follow that model in caring for all of my patients.”
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Medical Oncology




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Internal Medicine
Hematology Oncology


Breast cancer
Lung cancer


Running, kayaking, biking, snow boarding, and playing in his rock ‘n roll band.


West Virginia University


University of Kentucky, Chandler Medical Center


University of Kentucky, Chandler Medical Center (Chief Resident)


University of Kentucky, Chandler Medical Center


American Board of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine
American Board of Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology
National Board of Medical Examiners (Parts I, II, III)


American Medical Association
American Society of Clinical Oncology
Ohio State Medical Association
Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati


Board member, Karen Wellington Foundation

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Drosick DR: “Anemia.” IN: Internal Medicine On-Call Problems, Haist SA, Robbins JR, Gomella LG (ed), Appalton Lange, 1990

As a member of our OHC physician team, Dr. Drosick has full access to the OHC Clinical Trial research program.

We encourage our patients to discuss all of their healthcare options — including Clinical Trial research programs — with their doctor.

The following are recent reviews provided by actual OHC patients:

Dr. Randy Drosick is an amazing Oncologist. He takes time to listen to your concerns and somehow always makes you laugh. Great guy. He is the best!

- Kathy S.

Thank you for always being dedicated, compassionate, and funny!! 15+ years and counting!
- Jerri R.

Thank you for taking care of my mother.
- Kim W.

He has saved my life 3 times! I’ve been with him 20+ years and he’s the best!!
- Debbie S.

He has taken care of me for a little over 5 years great doctor very compassionate.
- Marsha R.

15 years! Thanks, Randy!
- Tammy G.

Dr. Drosick is an awesome, compassionate, caring, concerned, Christian, a man of many talents. Thanks so much for being there for Bill and my family.
- Debbie S.

Dr. Drosick cared for my dear sister, Paula, from 2005-2007. She was not one of the lucky ones. But during her two year fight with breast cancer she was treated with such compassion and love by Dr. Drosick and his staff. As devastating as losing her was, I will always be GRATEFUL that he did everything possible for her, both medically and emotionally. It's a very caring practice. Dr. Ward was my doctor during the same period. I can't say enough about important it is to have doctors that truly care, while providing the best medical care in Cincinnati!
- Pam H.

He saved my life too! I love this little twerp!
- Terri K.

Dr. Drosick saved my life 22 years ago!! I’m so grateful for his wonderful care and sense of humor!!!
- Peggy H.

Dr. Drosick has taken care of my husband since 1996. We still get treatment every 3 weeks but without Dr. Drosick I do not believe my husband would still be here.
- Michele M.

He is the best! He walked me through my breast cancer treatment with great compassion, knowledge and laughter. A rare combination in physicians today!
- Lisa S.