From the Doctors and Staff at OHC

November 25, 2020

At OHC, we want to acknowledge the kindness and contributions of our patients, their families and the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your outpouring of support, especially during the initial height and current spike of the virus, has served as a source of encouragement for all of us at OHC. You’ve graciously followed the safety guidelines, you’ve demonstrated understanding and kindness, and you’ve donated much needed supplies – thus serving as a daily reminder of how blessed we are to have such thoughtful people in our lives.

At the beginning of the pandemic, many hospitals, outpatient centers, and provider offices had to limit services or temporarily close. But OHC offices never closed and we never stopped seeing patients – and you helped us achieve this.

  • You always wore masks.
  • You washed your hands often and used hand sanitizer religiously.
  • You answered our pre-arrival phone calls and questions.
  • Your caregivers waited in their cars until your exam.
  • You used our telemedicine service when applicable.

Even with the COVID-related challenges added to the complexity of your diagnosis and treatment, you have been a bright spot in our lives with your friendly smiles and positive dispositions.

When your family members and caregivers wanted to show their support for you during your treatments, their amusing, creative actions also served as a source of joy and support for us.

  • A family member spent the day outside the treatment suite in the rain while wearing a pink flamingo costume. She wanted to make her mother laugh and show her that she was there for her. Many staff said they felt like she was there for them as well.
  • While a patient was receiving her treatment, her two little goddaughters performed a puppet show from outside the treatment suite, bringing joy to their godmother – and to our staff.
  • Members of a gymnastics team assembled outside of the treatment suite to surprise one of their coaches with signs to show their support. Staff also were also moved by the colorful messages of encouragement.

When word began to circulate through the news, Internet and the community about supply shortages at hospitals and outpatient centers, all of us at OHC were overwhelmed by the outpouring of donations from members of the community and businesses. We received thousands of masks, cases of gloves, cleaner and wipes, and other supplies, as well as cookies, brownies and donuts. These donations helped us through each day and offered encouragement that together, we would get through this.

There are times like these when it’s difficult to find the best words to express our gratitude for everything you’ve done to support us. When you were supporting us, you were also supporting the many patients and families who look to us for hope as they fight their cancer battles.

With deep gratitude,
The Doctors and Staff of OHC
ohc thankful puppet show
ohc thankful signs

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