There is nothing fair about cancer.

At OHC, our nationally-recognized experts aggressively attack your cancer with leading-edge approaches and therapies, while our clinical trials team constantly searches for the most promising treatments to help you in your personal battle with cancer.

However, a cancer diagnosis impacts every aspect of your life. That’s why OHC also surrounds both you and your family with experts who provide a range of services including emotional, financial, and social support. Services to help you stayed focused on the number one priority – getting well.

At OHC, you will have:

  • Access to new, innovative approaches to cancer, like personalized medicine, immunotherapy, and the ground-breaking CAR-T cell immunotherapy
  • Technological advances such as CyberKnife for prostate cancer and Gamma Knife for brain tumors
  • Gynecologic cancer experts who use the laser-like precision of robot-assisted surgery to treat gynecologic cancers
  • Early access to the most promising new treatments available only through clinical trials
  • A team that works together to help you coordinate your medical care, answer financial questions, and get the support services you need
  • Staff who greet you with a warm smile, call you by name, and open their hearts to take you into their care

At OHC, you’re more than a patient to us. You’re treated as a member of our family.

“This amazing man has taken care of so many of my family members. Dr. Singh has embraced our sense of humor and allowed us to use it as part of our healing process. There are not enough kind words to say about him and the whole team at OHC. They have always made us feel like they were on this journey with us, holding our hands, offering emotional support as well as medical treatments. I will be forever grateful that Dr. Singh and his team are a part of our lives. One of my favorite days was hearing him say my husband’s cancer was in remission. Another was the day he told me my PET scan was clear. You can’t help but hug the man that gives you that news and praise God as you go skipping out of the cancer center.” – Jill, March 2019