OHC Helps You Determine Which Cancer Screenings You Should Have and How Often

OHC, Specialists in Cancer and Blood Disorders

Screenings save lives. They can find diseases early, before you have symptoms, when they’re easier to treat. At OHC, we know that getting the right screening test at the right time is one of the most important things we can do for our health.... Read More

OHC Researchers Continue Their Quest to Find New Treatments for Advanced Breast Cancer

Prasad R. Kudalkar, MD, medical oncologist and hematologist

Cancer researchers at OHC are offering new hope for patients with advanced breast cancer that has not responded to current treatment options or is inoperable. Sometimes the cells in a breast have a gene that has been altered, called a mutation. This... Read More

On Saturday, January 11, OHC’s team of medical, radiation and gynecologic oncology doctors invited all OHC employees to a special celebration to express their gratitude for the exceptional care and compassion they surround patients and their family... Read More

OHC Gynecology Oncologist Reports Decrease in HPV – the Primary Source of Cervical Cancer

OHC, Specialists in Cancer and Blood Disorders

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, and OHC is pleased to share that the primary source of cervical cancer – the HPV virus – has decreased since the introduction of the vaccine, Gardasil. “It’s been almost 15 years since Gardasil was... Read More

OHC Offers Free Head & Neck Cancer Screenings in 2020

OHC, Specialists in Cancer and Blood Disorders

Screenings save lives. It’s been proven time and time again. That’s why OHC will once again offer free head and neck cancers screenings to help people catch potential oral cancers and begin treatment as soon as possible. Close to 53,000 Americans... Read More

A new clinical trial available at OHC is evaluating the use of the immunotherapy drug, durvalumab, for patients with inoperable, early stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The survival rate for lung cancer depends on which stage the cancer has... Read More

Kenwood Nurse Practitioner says “Memories” Can Make Thoughtful Gifts for People with Cancer

OHC, Specialists in Cancer and Blood Disorders

This time of year, there are numerous Internet posts and articles about thoughtful gift ideas for patients with cancer. The cancer team at OHC would like to offer another idea that might make the holiday of your loved one or someone you know extra... Read More

How One Woman Used Humor to Help Her Cope with Her Cancer

OHC, Specialists in Cancer and Blood Disorders

Cancer has no perks. It isn’t positive, humorous or inspiring. That was going to be a challenge for Diana Bosse because she has always approached everything with a positive outlook and a large dose of humor. Even after receiving a cancer diagnosis,... Read More

Cleveland Clinic Tells Kidney Cancer Patient to Go to OHC and Get in That Trial

OHC, Specialists in Cancer and Blood Disorders

OHC is at the forefront of the newest, most promising cancer treatments through its nationally recognized cancer clinical trial program. The program evaluates the effectiveness of new treatments and provides cancer patients with access to the new... Read More

When an OHC cancer patient meets with their doctor and care team, they are always informed of any clinical trial that may help their condition. The benefit of this standard of care at OHC is twofold: the patient may gain early access to the most... Read More