• Hair Loss and Chemotherapy: New Scalp Cooling System May Prevent Hair Loss Caused by Chemotherapy

    Karyn M. Dyehouse, MD, Hematology-Oncology with OHC, Blogs 0 comments
    August 16, 2017


    The first question that people generally ask about chemotherapy is whether or not they will lose their hair. Many patients rank hair loss as their most feared and experienced side effect of chemotherapy treatment. The psychological effect is high and can have a dramatic impact on self-esteem. OHC, the region’s premier source of treatment for […]

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  • Here’s One Way to Help a Cancer Patient

    Lesia Golden, Blogs 0 comments
    August 11, 2017


    Are you looking for some way to help a friend or family member who is getting chemotherapy? Consider making a gift bag for chemo patients. Our friends Karen Herzog and Pat West for Teal Loving Care recently donated 65 gift bags to patients at our OHC Blue Ash office. They say if you buy the […]

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  • FDA Approves New Targeted Therapy for AML

    Edward A. Faber Jr., DO, MS, Blood & Marrow Transplant Specialist with OHC, Blogs 0 comments
    August 9, 2017

    FDA Approves New Targeted Therapy for AML

    Last week, news broke that the FDA had approved a new treatment for patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML). I want to share the news from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) because it’s an exciting breakthrough for these patients. Despite progress in treating other blood cancers, there have been few new therapies approved for […]

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  • Life After Surviving Cancer

    Nickolas B. Pleat, DO, medical oncologist with OHC, Blogs 0 comments
    July 14, 2017


    Surviving cancer is one of the greatest successes ever. More and more people are surviving thanks to new treatments, new technology and more information and focus on prevention. But once you are diagnosed with cancer, your life will change. Even after you have survived. Fear of cancer returning “My cancer doctor fired me today. He […]

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  • What is the Cyberknife and How Can it Treat Prostate Cancer?

    OHC radiation oncologists Peter R. Fried, MD, Jeffrey I. Grass, MD, and Elizabeth H. Levick, MD, Blogs 0 comments
    July 5, 2017

    Cyberknife Robotic Radiosurgery System

    The Cyberknife treatment is different from conventional radiation therapy. It delivers radiation to the prostate from 140-220 different directions ­— all from different planes.

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  • Can Pets Help Keep You Healthy? Exploring the Human-Animal Bond

    National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Paula Weisenberger, MD, OHC Oncologist-Hematologist, Blogs 0 comments
    June 28, 2017


    You take good care of your pet. But what’s your pet done for you lately? A small but growing body of research suggests that owning or interacting with animals may have the added benefit of improving your health. People and animals have a long history of living together and bonding. Perhaps the oldest evidence of […]

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  • How to Watch for “Female” Cancers

    Marcia C. Bowling, MD, Gynecologic Oncologist with OHC, Blogs 0 comments
    June 21, 2017

    Gynecology patient exam room

    Except for cervical cancer, for which there is the Pap Test, there are no tests or screenings to detect cancer, especially at an early stage, in other female organs. This includes ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, vaginal cancer and vulvar cancer. One of the best things a woman can do is to know her body extremely […]

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