Kenwood Nurse Practitioner says “Memories” Can Make Thoughtful Gifts for People with Cancer

OHC, Specialists in Cancer and Blood Disorders

This time of year, there are numerous Internet posts and articles about thoughtful gift ideas for patients with cancer. The cancer team at OHC would like to offer another idea that might make the holiday of your loved one or someone you know extra... Read More

How One Woman Used Humor to Help Her Cope with Her Cancer

OHC, Specialists in Cancer and Blood Disorders

Cancer has no perks. It isn’t positive, humorous or inspiring. That was going to be a challenge for Diana Bosse because she has always approached everything with a positive outlook and a large dose of humor. Even after receiving a cancer diagnosis,... Read More

Cleveland Clinic Tells Kidney Cancer Patient to Go to OHC and Get in That Trial

OHC, Specialists in Cancer and Blood Disorders

OHC is at the forefront of the newest, most promising cancer treatments through its nationally recognized cancer clinical trial program. The program evaluates the effectiveness of new treatments and provides cancer patients with access to the new... Read More

When an OHC cancer patient meets with their doctor and care team, they are always informed of any clinical trial that may help their condition. The benefit of this standard of care at OHC is twofold: the patient may gain early access to the most... Read More

OHC is Helping Improve Stomach Cancer Survival Rates with Immunotherapy

OHC, Specialists in Cancer and Blood Disorders

OHC is seeing promising responses to the newest approach in treating advanced stomach cancer. Currently, the five-year survival rate for advanced stomach cancer is 68% – if it is caught and treated at an early stage. If the cancer has spread to... Read More

OHC Helps You Make the Holidays Easier for Your Loved One With Cancer

OHC, Specialists in Cancer and Blood Disorders

The cancer experts at OHC want their patients to enjoy the holiday season with their families and friends, so they’re providing some suggestions to make the holidays easier and more enjoyable for your loved one with cancer. The holidays can wear... Read More

One of the most beautiful aspects of Thanksgiving is that it reminds us to think about the people in our lives and the intangible gifts they give us throughout the year. At OHC, we have the privilege to care for our patients and their families, and... Read More

It was July 2004 and Nancy Price was celebrating her 50th birthday with family, friends, and co-workers. Just before her birthday, Nancy’s husband made her promise that she would get a good check-up. “I thought it was odd,” said Nancy. “There... Read More

The cancer experts at OHC understand that sometimes a cancer patient may need more in-depth support or assistance to address their physical, emotional and social needs. For these patients, OHC offers a new Supportive Care Program to help them manage... Read More

OHC Recognizes Family Caregivers – America’s Quiet Heroes

OHC, Specialists in Cancer and Blood Disorders

November is National Family Caregivers Month and OHC would like to acknowledge these special people who devote their lives to the care and support of a family member or loved one. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) estimates that more... Read More