Are you aware of a government proposal that, if enacted, will affect how oncologists are able to treat Medicare patients? Last month, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a proposed rule, titled Part B Drug Payment Model, which will change drug reimbursement for healthcare providers across the nation.

This reduction in reimbursement for our Medicare patients will reduce the resources available to provide necessary services. Nationwide, it is estimated to impact oncology providers by nearly $30 million.

OHC has been on the forefront of pushing back against this proposal. This includes letters from the practice, an article pending publication with a major managed care journal, and OHC Chairman of the Board Dr. Broun visiting the offices of the U.S. Senate to share our perspective and request that they ask CMS to withdraw the proposal.

We need your help in this fight. Write to your representative and let him/her know that approving this proposal will affect the level of care we are able to provide to patients at this extremely critical and frightening time in their lives.

Many of you have been touched by this devastating disease. All patients deserve our highest level of support we can provide them during their fight. Cutting reimbursement for the services we provide ultimately affects our patients. We are dedicated to providing the best medical specialty services in our industry and we need to retain the resources to do so.

We have included a link below that you can use to e-mail your representatives and ask for their help in stopping this Medicare experiment. The link includes a pre-populated message and takes just a minute to complete. Please consider getting involved and making your voice heard in Washington.

To e-mail your representatives, click here.