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How Do You Know Which Cancer Doctors are Best for You?

Paul Dieter, OHC Executive Director, Blogs, 0 comments
August 27, 2019

Paul Dieter OHC Executive Director

Paul Dieter, OHC Executive Director

There is no question the number one goal of every cancer patient is to be cured. Short of that, it is achieving a sustainable period of remission. But for many patients, how the goal gets achieved matters as well.

Research suggests cancer patients want the most advanced treatment as well as to be treated with respect, be given honest information, feel valued, and have a say in their treatment plan. Their journey to remission is just as important as remission.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, chances are you have no idea what your cancer journey will look like. You don’t have much information about what it is like to be treated by the cancer doctors in the cancer practice you are considering. You have to rely heavily on the referral recommendation of your primary care doctors and hope for the best.

What if there was a way to learn from other cancer patients to ensure a good choice? Nobody knows the challenges better than somebody who has first-hand experience being treated by the cancer doctors in the cancer practice you are considering. Wouldn’t it be helpful if there was a way to know how cancer patients felt about the care they received? That input would certainly give you a boost in confidence that you are making the right choice.

OHC believes so strongly in their promise to provide the most advanced therapies and treat their patients like family that they systematically collect patient satisfaction information to understand how their patients feel about the treatment and care they are receiving.

The tool OHC uses to collect this data is called Net Promoter. It allows patients to candidly rate how OHC is doing in meeting their overall care needs. The data is used to calculate an overall patient satisfaction score. It’s also used by OHC to identify opportunities for improvement so patients can stay focused on their number one priority of getting well.

Over the last five years, OHC is proud to have achieved an average score range of 83 – 85%. No other cancer group in the region can make the same claim and back it up with actual patient data. If you are trying to decide on where to have your cancer treated, this high degree of patient satisfaction should be part of your consideration.

Talk with your primary care physician about choosing OHC’s cancer experts for your cancer care or for getting a second opinion. Take some time to understand why OHC patients are so satisfied with their care. Then make a fully informed decision on the best place for you to be treated.


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