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Cancer Family Care Names Unsung Hero Award Winners

Lesia Golden, Blogs, News Releases, 0 comments
May 17, 2017


Cancer Family Care held its annual Joslin Haggart Yeiser Unsung Hero Awards last evening and many OHC doctors, professionals, caregivers, and patients received awards. Congratulations to our OHC winners!

Oncology Professionals

  • Ed Crane, who was nominated by his patient Priyanka Ranatunga
  • Samantha Dietz, Medical Assistant, who was nominated by Dr. David Waterhouse
  • Suzanne Partridge, who was nominated by Elizabeth Burneka
  • Dave Stengel, Nurse Navigator, who was nominated by Dr. Ed Crane
  • Paige Willenbrink, Treatment Nurse, who was nominated by Dr. Ed Crane


  • Julie Chambers, who was nominated by Phillip Gray


  • Bryana Gordon, who was posthumously nominated by Jill Todd
  • Janie McFarland, who was nominated by Dr. Dene` Wrenn


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