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What is Cancer Survivorship OHC

What Is Cancer Survivorship?

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September 24, 2015


Cancer survivorship is living with, and beyond the diagnosis of cancer. Being a cancer survivor can impact patients as well as the caregivers of those affected by cancer. Cancer survivorship includes a focus on a healthy physical, spiritual, social, and emotional lifestyle.

Many people struggle with the transition back to a “normal life.” Some people have referred to life after a cancer diagnosis as the “new normal,” meaning their current state of being after a dramatic life change has occurred. The new normal brings feelings of relief, anxiety, hopefulness, and gratefulness.

OHC offers support and guidance on cancer survivorship through treatment summary visits. The treatment summary visits can help prepare patients and caregivers on what to expect after cancer treatment.

Your OHC Advanced Practice Provider (APP) will discuss and share advice on living a healthy life through diet, exercise, and healthy life choices. For example, light exercise, such as a daily walk, can relieve stress and improve your well-being. The APP will discuss a patient’s diagnosis, long-term side effects of treatment, follow-up schedule, and secondary cancer prevention and screening.

OHC also offers financial navigator support to patients dealing with the financial impact of cancer. Life after cancer doesn’t have to be fearful or overwhelming. Your team at OHC is dedicated to helping you and your loved ones manage life after cancer.

There are also national and local resources for patients and family members such as the American Cancer Society, Cancer Support Community and Cancer Family Care. These resources include support groups, wellness classes, education, and other support services.

If you have any questions or would like additional information on cancer survivorship, please ask an OHC team member.

Cancer Survivorship Online Resources



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