Clinical Trials Should be a First Step in Cancer Treatment, Not the Last

By David M. Waterhouse, MD, MPH, medical oncologist and co-director of research, OHC

Not long ago, cancer patients thought being part of a clinical trial meant they had run out of therapeutic options. Participation was viewed as a last, desperate act. In the mind of the patient, the family, and sometimes even the physician, being... Read More

OHC Patient Testimonial - Chris


Chris is reassured by the warmth and level of care she receives at OHC. Read More

OHC is a proponent of clinical trials and provides the greater Cincinnati area with the largest group of Medical Oncology specialists who provide access to the most contemporary, advanced clinical research trials. The current OHC clinical trials... Read More

Traditionally, a patient’s care has been isolated from one physician to another. If you’re seeing a cardiologist, your oncologist might never know unless you tell that doctor. But OHC is working to change that paradigm with a new program called... Read More

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Laura, an OHC employee, says the patients are the reason why she comes to work each day. Read More

OHC Patient Testimonial - Carolyn


Cancer was a surprise to Carolyn, but she is thankful she had the OHC staff with her. Read More

Our own Dr. Dyehouse appeared as a guest on The Morning Show with Brian Thomas on 55KRC. Listen to the interview from July 30 here. She covers everything from our leadership in clinical trials and compassion in cancer care to coordinated healthcare... Read More

Brain Surgery Without a Scalpel?

David Pratt, MD

Yes, it is possible. And you can even walk out the door a few hours later. This kind of surgery without any cutting is performed all the time by OHC physicians. But whether it’s right for you is a different matter. Stereotactic radiosurgery is a... Read More

OHC Patient Testimonial - Brian


Patient Brian talks about how OHC helped him navigate the financial confusion to find the best outcome for him. \ Read More

What is Gynecologic Oncology?


OHC provides Gynecologic Oncology, a specialized field of medicine that concentrates on understanding and treating cancers that attack a woman’s reproductive system. These diseases include cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer,... Read More