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OHC Eden Park Office

Construction Begins On New Eden Park Office

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January 28, 2015


As you can see here, construction has begun on a brand new OHC facility that will replace our aging Taft office. The new Eden Park office is located at 2025 Reading Rd.

Although we’ll be using this blog and our social media channels to bring you progress updates, our development partner on this project, Perry Contracting (who also provided these photos), has written an initial blog post. You can read their article here.

Come back soon for more updates on how the Eden Park office has been designed and is being built to put our patients first. But first, here’s a “before and after” sneak peak at the work we’ve done to lower the existing floors. Why would we do that? So our patients and staff can enjoy higher ceilings! Of course.

OHC Eden Park Office Construction 1

Before: We lowered the floor by over 2 feet.








OHC Eden Park Office Construction 2

After: And that’s how you get more head room!






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