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The Convenience of OHC Neighborhood Locations

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April 23, 2014


At OHC, ‘Patients First’ means patient convenience.

Around the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Area — from Northern Kentucky to Southeastern Indiana — you’ll find OHC in 16 different neighborhoods. For 30-plus years, OHC has had a strategic emphasis on placing its oncology offices in key locations throughout the region.

By providing these multiple neighborhood locations, we’re doing what we can to make cancer treatment easier on our patients. In addition, we’re making it easier on their entire support team — from family and friends to their local mind, body, and spiritual advisers, providers, and caretakers.

Let’s take a closer look at how our many locations benefit you.

First, patients don’t need to travel to and from an unfamiliar part of town. Let’s face it, the possibility of getting lost, navigating strange traffic patterns and signs, and simply not being familiar with an area all create stress. Because of the disease your battling, that’s something you don’t need any more of.

Instead, OHC patients are able to drive (and sometimes even walk) to a neighborhood office that is near their home, in an area familiar to them. OHC wants patients to be at ease when they’re in our offices, and creating this kind of convenience and comfort is one way we can do that.

And why travel to a foreign city to get treatment, when the best oncologists are right here at OHC? Our multiple locations have some of the best oncology physicians in the world, including more than half of which were named “Best in Cincinnati” by Cincinnati Magazine (2013).

Though our patients come to us from across the country, it’s interesting how many of our world-class physicians are natives of Greater Cincinnati. Some of them were actually born in the neighborhood locations where they now work. Having doctors and staff working where they grew up creates a level of familiarity and community that most cancer patients can’t get elsewhere.

Here’s another great benefit; freedom of choice. With 16 locations around Cincinnati (and growing), our patients are never locked into one office for their treatments. For example, if another of our offices is closer to your workplace, and it’s easier on your schedule, then we invite you to receive treatment at that office. Remember, it’s about your convenience, not ours.

And convenience goes a long way in reducing your stress. OHC knows that a diagnosis of cancer brings about tremendous anxiety and concerns. With our multiple neighborhoods strategy, we’re taking the steps to reduce your undue stress so you can focus more clearly on getting well.

To find an OHC office in a neighborhood near you, just visit our easy-to-use Find A Location page. Or give us a call at 1-800-710-4674.


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