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June 4, 2019

Blake Oglesby first saw heart shaped pillows while online after his wife’s mastectomy and lymph node removal. The heart shape helps fill a gap and cushions the area where lymph nodes are removed. They are also great for cushioning an IV port from the shoulder strap of a car’s seatbelt. But instead of ordering a pillow for his wife, Blake decided to make pillows, not only for his wife but for all patients at the OHC Anderson office.

First, he had to learn to sew.

“I asked a lady at work to teach me how to sew because I knew she was a great seamstress. Before I even started the first pillow, she came to me and said that she had talked to the women at her church, Stonelick Church of the Brethren, and they wanted to take this on as a regular project,” said Blake. “They were excited because the heart also symbolizes the concern, empathy, and sincere compassion the group has for the people going through this.”

As of October 2018, the group has made 756 heart pillows.

All supplies necessary to make the pillows have been donated. When finished, they are placed in the “Comfort Pillow” box at OHC Anderson. The church has received many ‘Thank you’ cards from patients.

“Patients have told the OHC staff how much it means to know someone is thinking of them and cares for them. Hearing this is such a thrill for my wife and me, knowing the pillows are providing support and comfort during a potentially stressful and unpleasant time,” Blake added.

OHC is grateful for the many donations it receives at all OHC locations from people like Blake, his wife and the ladies at Stonelick church.

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6 responses to ““Heart-felt” Gift Helps Cancer Patients”

  1. Vicki Chase says:

    My daughter in law is dealing with cancer, is there anyway you could send me the pattern to this heart shaped pillow

    • OHC says:

      Hi Vicki,

      We are so sorry to hear that your daughter-in-law is dealing with cancer. We contacted Blake and he would be happy to share the pattern. He said you are welcome to email him at to make arrangements to send you the pattern.

      Best wishes to you, your daughter-in-law and your entire family.

  2. Norma says:

    Blake and Michelle are awesome people! And the lady’s at church are so amazing and caring and God loving bless them all ! I am so lucky too know them all!❤

    • OHC says:

      Hi Norma,

      We, too, are very lucky to know Blake, Michelle and the ladies! And we appreciate everything they are doing to help comfort our patients during a very difficult time.

      Best wishes, OHC

  3. Melissa A Davis says:

    Thank you for Making these pillows they not only helped my husband during treatment and in the car on our ride home. But he would forget his and get one everytime we visited OHC Anderson. So we would get another one. The best part is you gave his Grandkids something. They all now have a part of their papaw because we had so many beautiful pillows they all took them when they loved the material. Again Thank you so very much..

    • OHC says:

      Dear Melissa,

      Thank you for your beautiful message. It is heart-warming to know that a gift of comfort has turned into so much more for your family. We shared your message with Blake and he is deeply touched to know the pillows have become a tangible reminder of their “papaw.” Sharing your experience has not only brightened our day, but confirmed that we are upholding our commitment to support the well-being of our patients AND their families. Blessings to you and your family.


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