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Help Yourself, Part 2 – More Patient Resources at OHC

Dino Pelle, Blogs, 0 comments
January 27, 2016


As you might recall, last week we introduced you to the Help section of the OHC website. In particular, we detailed the information and resources that are just one click away from making your first day at OHC a smooth one. Today, we’ll review the other resources we have located under the Help section.

Let’s start with our Cancer Database. If you came to our site searching for information on one of the 12 most common cancer types, then this is the place for you. In the top left of the Cancer Database page’s blue banner, you’ll notice a search field with the title “Search by Cancer Type.”

OHC Cancer DatabaseTo get more information, just select one of the cancers listed — from Bladder cancer to Thyroid cancer. You’ll be taken to an overview of the disease. By choosing one of the blue tabs on that same page, you can learn about symptoms, treatments, and link to professional organizations that specialize in that type of cancer.

Do you need Financial Help? This page gives you a brief overview of how we’re ready to assist you with your financial needs. We also provide contact information for our Financial Navigators, OHC professionals who are specifically trained to help you with any financial question or need that you might have. In addition, you can find information on Co-Pay Assistance, Medicaid Assistance, and even Oral Pharmacy Assistance.

Frequently Asked Cancer Questions and Answers OHCYou can also download issues for our award-winning “OHC Connect” patient newsletter on the Newsletters page. More like a magazine, it is popular with many of our patients. Feel free to continue picking up our latest seasonal issue in any OHC location. They make your wait a lot more enjoyable and educational. And coming soon, you’ll also be able to download copies of the more advanced medical information we send to physicians throughout the Tri-state.

If you’d like to hear directly from other patients about their experience at OHC, visit our Patient Videos gallery. Currently, there are nine frank testimonials from OHC patients in the gallery. If you visit our OHC YouTube page, you’ll find many more…even our commercials that have appeared on local TV stations.

There are two more pages in the Help section that you should really take a moment to visit.

The first is the Support Groups page. Here, we list a description of and contact information for many area groups who provide free support services. As you well know, a support network of friends, family, and professionals is perhaps your most vital tool in your cancer journey.

Last but not least, if you have a quick question, why wait to get the answer? We have a Questions & Answers page that answers the most common questions we get for Financial, Appointments, Follow-ups, Medications, Radiation Therapy, and Chemotherapy. Just click on the question you want answered, and your answer will pop-up on your screen.

What Do You Think?

OHC is always looking for new ways to bring you the information, education, and care you need. If you have any ideas on what you’d like to see updated or added to our Help section (or anything else on our website), please let us know here. We’re always listening.


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