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OHC Help Section Online Resources Your First Day

Help Yourself, Part 1 – Online Resources For Your First Day

Dino Pelle, Blogs, 0 comments
January 20, 2016


OHC completely rebuilt its website two years ago in order to provide you with helpful information and guidance throughout your cancer care treatment. We want to encourage you to explore one area of the site in particular — the HELP section — as it contains the kind of information that you’ll need and want for your first day at OHC and beyond. Let’s take you through it one resource at a time.

Your First Day

It makes sense that Your First Day is the first item found under our Help menu (see feature photo). Everyone wants to know what their first day will be like; it’s not the time for surprises. You also don’t want to spend a lot of time filling out forms while you’re waiting in the lobby. That’s why we created this section — to start you off right, with a first day that goes easier, faster, and with fewer unanswered questions and concerns.

When you click on Your First Day, you’ll arrive at the Overview page. The Overview page simply describes what you can expect to happen prior to and during your first visit.

If you click on the blue tab titled What to Bring (located to the right of the Overview tab), we describe what you should (e.g.; medications), can (e.g.; computer or book), or can’t (e.g.; an ill friend or relative) bring to your first office visit.

The next tab over is Your Care Team. Here, you’ll learn about the different OHC experts that you will likely encounter on your first day and throughout your cancer care treatment.

Patient Forms are included in the next tab. These are extremely valuable in saving you time and helping assess your current situation — especially if you’re able to download them and fill them out before your first day. The first form tells you what your rights are as a patient. There’s no need to sign this particular form, but it’s an important read.

Here are the downloadable lists and forms on that page that you should fill out in advance and bring with you to your first appointment:

  • Patient HIPAA Consent and Communication Form
  • Patient Authorization to Use and Disclose Protected Health Information
  • Request for Release of Outside Records
  • Patient Medical Information
  • Patient List of Medications

In addition, if you believe you require financial assistance or are wondering about our payment policy, you’ll want to download and read these:

  • Patient Financial Assistance
  • Our Financial Policy

The final blue tab is called Patient Brochures. Click on it, and you’ll see a list of our downloadable brochures. Each brochure describes in detail everything from “About OHC” to “OHC Clinical Trials” to “Our Pharmacy Services,” and much more. We’re updating and adding them all the time, so be sure to come back every now and then. And don’t be shy about sharing them.

Stay tuned for the next article describing even more patient resources that OHC provides to you online.



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