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March 17, 2020

To Our OHC Patients and Their Families,

We understand the uncertainty and stress that the coronavirus has caused everyone worldwide. All our daily lives have been affected by this situation. As your cancer care provider, we want you to be cautious but also remain calm as we continue to care for you during this time.

Every day, we follow CDC guidelines to protect you from the flu and other illnesses. During this unusual situation, we have added measures to allow you to continue to receive treatment in a safe environment. This includes:

  • Calling patients before their scheduled visit to screen them before they come to the office
  • Asking patients and caregivers to call us before they come to the office if they have symptoms
  • Screening all patients and their caregivers when they arrive at the front desk
  • Limiting patients to one caregiver in the exam room
  • Restricting everyone except patients from the treatment suite
  • Restricting non-essential vendors in our offices
  • Implementing additional cleaning per CDC guidelines at all our offices

At OHC, you are more than patients and caregivers to us. You are members of our family, and as such, we are committed to surrounding you with the support you need during this special time so you can focus on getting well. Please contact us any time at 1-888-649-4800 if you have any questions regarding your care and safety.


D. Randolph Drosick, MD
President, OHC

Elizabeth H. Levick, MD
Chair, OHC Board of Directors

Paul Dieter
Executive Director, OHC

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2 responses to “A Message From OHC’s President, Board Chair and Executive Director”

  1. James A. Feld says:

    My wife has been a cancer patient of Dr. Leuenberger since July of 2017. I admire him and respect him and thank him for all he has done for her, but I have a comment about some of the procedures that OHC are employing during this Coronavirus situation. The waiting room sometimes requires patients to sit very close to each other. I read 6 feet should be maintained at a minimum. The small waiting area on the 2nd floor just outside the elevator is the same way. Simply a re-arranging of the chairs would solve the 2nd floor problem. My wife, during treatment yesterday said there were two other patients who were coughing excessively in the room where they administer chemo. She even asked for a blanket and put it over her head. The two coughers might not have the virus, but it certainly was upsetting to my wife and I feel confident others who were there including probably the super nurses who administer the chemo and Keytruda etc. I’m requesting that you re-think these things and other things. Thank you

    • OHC says:

      Dear Mr. Feld,

      Thank you for your message and for your concern for our patients and staff during this challenging time. At OHC, we are following the guidelines set forth by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention as much as space will allow. We appreciate your suggestions and recognize your concerns and have communicated that to our practice manager. We are evaluating our waiting areas daily based on our patient volume and have made changes in our offices. If at any time you or your wife have questions or concerns, please speak with one of our team members so they can make you and your wife as comfortable as possible while receiving treatment. Even during circumstances like the coronavirus situation, our priority is always the care and safety of our patients.


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