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New Equipment Offers More Precise Treatments in Shorter Amount of Time

Lesia Golden, News Releases, 0 comments
March 7, 2018

David Pratt OHC Elekta Versa HD Linear Accelerator

David Pratt, MD
Radiation Oncologist with OHC


Lesia Golden
OHC Marketing Department
513-751-2273 ext. 10204

OHC, the region’s premier source of treatment for nearly every form of cancer and complex blood disorder, has purchased a new Elekta Versa HD linear accelerator for its Fairfield office.

This new equipment will provide more precise treatments in a shorter amount of time. Benefits of the Elekta Versa HD include:

  • Delivery of a higher dose to the target/tumor while minimizing the dose to surrounding normal tissue through cone beam computed tomography (CBCT).
  • A Hexapod treatment table gives us the ability to move patients in six degrees of motion for more precise alignment of the beam.
  • Treatment of tumors outside of the central nervous system with stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT).
  • Delivery of a dose much more efficiently and decrease patients’ treatment time through Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT).
  • Administration of an increase dose rate which, in turn, will decrease the patient’s treatment time.

“The increased speed of dose delivery and the ability to adjust with the six degrees of freedom table will allow us to deliver high dose to a small target with high precision,” said David Pratt, MD, radiation oncologist with OHC.

To learn more or schedule an appointment with an OHC doctor, call 888-649-4800.

At OHC, the search for new treatments is relentless, the drive to provide superior care runs deep and the fight against cancer is personal. As one of the nation’s largest independent oncology practices, OHC has renowned experts who aggressively attack cancer with every possible strategy; an in-house, nationally-recognized clinical trials program engaged in a passionate search for innovative treatment options; and counselors and navigators to help patients understand their disease, manage finances and gain power over cancer’s impact on their life.



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