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OHC Featured in ADVANCE Healthcare’s Look at Advancements in Lung Cancer Screening and Treatment

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February 15, 2016


Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in both men and women in the United States, claiming an estimated 158,040 Americans in 2015 according to the American Lung Association. Cigarette smoking causes most lung cancers, and high levels of pollution, radiation, and asbestos exposure may also increase risk. ADVANCE Healthcare recently took a look at new targeted therapies including lung cancer screening for early detection.

At OHC, we’re giving our patients hope and courage to fight cancer with comprehensive, leading edge treatments and breakthrough clinical trials for lung cancer. OHC was one of the largest clinical trial enrollments for a new  to fight lung cancer, anti–PD-1 agent Nivolumab (Opdivo). The drug was approved three months ahead of the FDA’s scheduled decision date.

Dr. David M. Waterhouse, MD, MPH, chair of the OHC Research Department, shared with ADVANCE Healthcare about evidence supporting annual low-dose CT screenings to help identify lung cancer at early stages. “This study demonstrated a significant reduction in both lung cancer death and all-cause mortality in the population that participated in a lung cancer screening. The US Preventive Task Force now recommends lung cancer screening. In 2016, we anticipate more institutions adopting and executing a lung cancer screening protocol for their at-risk populations.”

For more information about cancer care and treatment options and OHC clinical trials program, call 1-800-710-4674.


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