From David M. Waterhouse, MD, MPH, noted medical oncologist, hematologist and co-director of research at OHC. Dr. Waterhouse is the principal investigator of a clinical trial for kidney cancers at OHC.

March 24, 2020

Once again, OHC is the only adult cancer practice in Ohio to offer patients with kidney cancer a promising new treatment option through its clinical trials program. This cancer is among the ten most common in both men and women.

Kidney cancer survival rates are slowly improving like other cancers. In part, this is due to advances in immunotherapy. Still, for far too many patients, these innovations won’t work. OHC recognizes this need and is aggressively working to help change these survival rates and improve patient outcomes by offering patients early access to a new treatment for kidney cancer. This treatment particularly targets those patients for whom frontline immunotherapy and/or tyrosine kinase therapy didn’t work.

My OHC research colleagues and I are evaluating the safety, effectiveness and tolerability of the drug, CPI-006, as a single treatment and in combination with other drugs to see if it will stop the cancer from growing. Studies suggest that CPI-006 may trigger the immune system to respond to the cancer. The tumors of some patients have decreased when treated with CPI-006 alone. When CPI-006 is used in combination with another drug like ciforadenant, CPI-006 works to stop the grow of the tumor while ciforadenant helps T-cells do their job of attacking a cancerous tumor. It’s like a one-two punch to the cancer cells.

In addition to attacking the tumor, we suspect this new treatment will have fewer side effects, which means patients will be able to tolerate it better. This is important because you can have an effective treatment but if the side effects are unbearable, the patient can’t take it, so it doesn’t matter how well it works.

This clinical trial is one of many promising treatments available exclusively at OHC for different types of cancer. We are laser-focused on finding the newest, most promising cancer treatments, and committed to beating cancer and improving the lives of all patients. That is what’s exciting about some of the new treatments, like immunotherapy, targeted therapy and CAR T-cell therapy. They are extending patients’ lives without the side effects of cancer treatments of the past. Patients are surviving and thriving with these new treatments, and we hope CPI-006 will do this for patients with kidney cancer.

To learn more about clinical trials at OHC, or for a second opinion with one of our cancer experts, please visit here or call 1-800-710-4674.

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