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April 9, 2018

Partridge-Suzanne-MD-2017 OHC

Suzanne M. Partridge, MD
Medical Oncologist with OHC

Margaret Henry is a navigator. Not the kind you find on your smart phone or at the helm of a ship making her way through the ocean waters. She’s a nurse navigator with OHC and she helps guide cancer patients through the complex journey associated with cancer care.

OHC’s nurse navigators are registered nurses who work directly with patients and other members of the care team. Navigation of patients with cancer requires extensive knowledge, specialized skills, and good clinical judgment as well as the ability to be of emotional support. At OHC, nurse navigators help patients:

  • Understand their diagnosis and the medical treatments they’ll receive
  • Manage their symptoms associated with their disease and treatments
  • Understand their medical coverage or refer patients to OHC’s financial navigators
  • Identify community resources to support them as well as family members, including education, transportation, therapy and more
  • Ensure all needs – medical, emotional and practical – are being met so patients can focus on beating cancer
  • Receive the best care while at home or in the hospital

“Patients have told me about other practices that don’t have ‘a Margaret’,” she says with a warm smile. “The vast majority say they feel much better and relaxed after we meet with them, especially to discuss their treatment. They are much less overwhelmed and frightened.”

“The nurse navigators are a vital part of our multidisciplinary care team,” says Suzanne Partridge, MD, medical oncologist with OHC. “They collaborate with our medical, radiation and gynecologic oncologists, researchers, nurses, medical assistants and others to make sure patients receive optimal care and the best possible outcomes.”

For more information about OHC nurse navigators, call 1-800-710-4674 or click Contact Us.

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