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OHC Now Enrolling Patients in Three Phase I Clinical Trials

By David M. Waterhouse, MD, MPH, medical oncologist and co-director of research, OHC, Blogs, For Physicians, News Releases, 0 comments
April 14, 2015

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David M. Waterhouse, M.D., M.P.H., Chair of OHC Research Department

The OHC Research Department’s robust clinical trial menu provides an opportunity for patients in and around the Tri-state to participate in innovative studies which include targeted therapies. OHC’s history of successful participation in cutting-edge clinical trials has provided the OHC Research Department with the opportunity to open numerous Phase I clinical trials in the past year.

A Phase I clinical trial is a trial that is investigating the safety and efficacy of a new treatment or combination of treatments. In order to obtain FDA approval, all drugs (and combinations of drugs) must be rigorously tested in the clinical trial setting. Currently, OHC is enrolling patients to three Phase I Clinical Trials.

One trial is investigating the use of chemotherapy and Nivolumab, used together, to treat certain types of Breast, Lung, and Pancreatic Cancer. Nivolumab is a member of a class of drugs that is commonly referred to as “Immune Therapy.” Immune Therapy is different than chemotherapy in its mechanism of action and side-effect profile. Nivolumab has gained much attention in recent months due to its promising results in clinical trials. In fact, it recently obtained FDA approval in both Melanoma and Squamous Cell Lung Cancer.

A second trial is investigating the combination of two FDA approved drugs, Affinitor and Xtandi, to determine if their combination produces positive responses in patients with cancer of the Prostate. Affinitor, an mTOR Inhibitor, is an FDA approved drug for treatment of Breast Cancer. Xtandi is one of a handful of treatments commercially available to patients with Prostate Cancer.

Finally, OHC is participating in a Phase I trial that investigates the use of ME-344, another mTOR inhibitor, in combination with Topotecan in patients with Extensive Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer. ME-344 is not yet an FDA approved agent but is currently being studies in other cancers, including recurrent ovarian cancer.

OHC’s research menu has continued to evolve in order to accommodate the many disease types that are seen in our clinics. By participating in these trials, we are offering our patients a chance to try the newest, most promising investigational products for their disease.

To obtain further OHC Clinical Research Trial information, visit our Clinical Trials page. Or contact:

Brittany Hagen, BS, RN
OHC Clinical Research Manager
513-751-2273 x12902

Lynnetta Hart, BS, M.Ed, CCRC
OHC Research Program Manager
513-751-2273 x27101

Dr. Waterhouse is a medical oncologist, principal investigator, and chair of OHC Clinical Research Department. His interests include lung cancer, urologic cancer, and clinical trial research. Dr. Waterhouse is located at the OHC Blue Ash and West offices.


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