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Patient Smiles at OHC Doctor

OHC Patients Share Their Thoughts

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April 1, 2019


The following comments are from our patients regarding their care.

Dr Marcia Bowling, Gynecology Oncologist at OHC:
She did my robotic hysterectomy surgery when I had cervical and ovarian cancer. Saved my life. She is a great Dr.
– Carol A.

She is so thorough, explains everything and puts your mind at ease. Highly recommend her!!!
– Pam C.

She is the greatest doctor
– Diane S.

Having worked with her for many years I can honestly say she is amazing. Her patients always do well surgically and her bedside manner is over the top. She treats all the staff with respect and puts her patients first. I hope I never need her services but if I did she would be my first choice
– Amy D.

Wonderful caring doctor!
– Sandy N.

Such an excellent doctor!!
– Patty R.

She is excellent and a very caring Dr.
– Patty H.

Dr. Cynthia Chua, Oncologist/Hematologist at OHC:
Hoyt Love Dr. Chua! Fabulous listener, great caregiver, physician!
– Lupe G.

Dr Chua was my moms doctor; good listener
– Susan S.

Dr. Chua was part of my ‘angel team.’ I could only praise this woman!
– Barbara H.

She is wonderful and takes time to listen to you!
– Vurnna C.

Been with her for twenty years. My daughter is, too., If you run late on your appt, jJust know she will still take that much time with you. She never rushes and always cares. We love her.
– Eva H.

An amazing physician! Thank you Dr. Chua for your well-researched and compassionate approach to cancer treatment.
– Leigh Ann C.

Dr. Chua is Awesome and the Best!
– Bryan M.

Love Dr. Chua! Compassionate, caring and always understands any concerns.
– Betty J.

A good doctor is the key. I am glad so many have found Dr. Chua
– Catrese H.

Dr. Randy Drosick, oncologist/hematologist at OHC:
Randy is the BEST.
– Kathie B.

Dr. Randy Drosick is an amazing Oncologist. He takes time to listen to your concerns and somehow always makes you laugh. Great guy. He is the best!
– Kathy S.

Great doctor!!
– Ann D.

Super doctor!!
– Patricia M.

My doctor since 1998 and my husband’s doctor since 2011. We think he is fantastic.
– Ann D.

Dr. Drosick is the best! He’s been my dr since 1994!
– Debbie M.

He is the best, he always puts a smile on my face, thanks for taking care of me for 17 years!
– Kathy C.

A fantastic doctor and a great man!
– Patty R.

He’s a great doctor, and he likes cats!
– Monica S.

He has saved my life 3 times! I’ve been with him 20+ years and he’s the best!!
– Debbie S.

Super Doctor. Love OHC
– Nancy D.

He is a super doc – he saved me for sure!
– Betsy A.

My Dr…. He is amazing.
– Marsha R.

Dr. Jim Essell, Blood and Marrow Transplant Specialist at OHC:
This is my husbands doctor, great doctor!!
– Cyndy W.

He is undoubtedly the best
– Deanna C.

A great doctor
– Patricia M.

One super, amazing, and great doctor
– Ric D.

He is the best!!
– Jesse I.

Dr Essell is amazing!
– Lori P.

A wonderful man and a great doctor!
– Patty R.

He is the greatest. Miss you Dr. Essell!
– Marti M.

You know what makes him one of the best? He was a pharmacist also, and he has the best bedside manners!!!!!
– Linda N.

One of the best!!!! He cared for me 17 years ago!!!!
– Theresa B.

Dr. Ed Faber, Blood and Marrow Transplant Specialist at OHC:
He’s a excellent doctor. I am still alive
– Dennis J.

He’s most excellent. Has my Multiple Myeloma in a maintained remission. And this new treatment for AML? What a game changer for those patients!
– Melody H.

When I started seeing him I was diagnosed with multi myloma and was is a lot of pain. As of now I am feeling so much better and doing much better. Come December I will be doing a stem cell transplant and I believe with Dr. Faber and his nursing staff by my side I will do great. Thanks to Dr. Faber I will be here for my family.
– Julie R.

A fine man
– Beth N.

Dr. Prasad R. Kudalkar, Oncologist/Hematologist at OHC:
Best Dr. ever and a great man. I will forever be grateful to him for the love and care he gave my late husband.
– Mary O.

Dr. Kudalkar is my oncologist throughout my decade of ovarian cancer and chronic myeloid leukemia and double mastectomy due to mutant BRCA gene. He keeps me in the loop of treatment available.
– Sharon N.

My mother’s doctor. We will be grateful for him and his staff.
– Susan L.

My doctor for past 3 years, so much compassion. OHC staff is great.
– Freeda C.

Great doctor!
– Jill N.

Best Dr. ever!!!! Love love love him
– Constance W.

Dr. Betsy Levick, Radiation Oncologist at OHC:
Wonderfully kind doctor!
– Sandy N.

Very caring Doctor
– Sandy M.

Dr. Levick is incredible! At the worst time of your life, she offers compassion and patience. She’s the best!
– Leslie K.

Dr. Levick was my doc. She was great!
– Beth K.

My Dr in 2004 for breast cancer! Very nice! I liked her!
– Mary Lou C.

My oncologist in 2005…amazing doctor!
– Angie Watts C.

Mom and I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Levick, what an amazing doctor and lovely lady!
– Rhonda R.

Dr. David Waterhouse, Co-chair, OHC Department of Research:
Dr. David Waterhouse is the best.
– Joyce G.

Dr. Waterhouse is #awesomesauce!
– Liz H.

Dr. Waterhouse is keeping me alive. God bless doctors like him.
– Martha M.

I adore Dr. Warehouse. Took care of my husband Charles. A great Dr.
– Patricia M.

A great man and doctor.
– Marti M.

My Grandfather loved Dr Waterhouse (aka Dr. Watermelon). A huge thank you Dr. Waterhouse and team for taking such good care of him.
– Michelle W.

Just think the world of him!
– Peggy P.

I have heard such wonderful praises from so many people since working with you. You are the best!
– Karen D.

Think of you so often, such a blessing to Charles Meade and I. Think I need to make some banana bread for you or some fruit.
– Patricia Meade

So blessed to have him as my Dr.
– Cindy F.

The OHC Anderson Teams:
Love all of OHC! You saved my life!
– Becky S.

Love this group!
– Tracy H.

This is one awesome group!
– Amy K.

Wonderful team
– Connie C.

#teamanderson Great group of people
– Lori T.

They take good care of me! Just the best!
– Linda L.

Thanks to you all!
– Ann C.

Thank you kind and caring people!
– Charlotte T.

The OHC Blue Ash Team:
Karen and Pat are the best! So dedicated to giving back!!!
– Kelly S.

Thanks so much ladies!
– Sarah W.

I did my chemo at the Blue Ash location…wonderful people!
– Alma F.

My favorite oncology hematology nurse – Anita!
– Maggie U.

Love all the staff at Blue Ash OHC. Rebecca, Dr Chua. And all. Great care U gave my mom.
– Karen V.

The OHC Hamilton Team:
Wonderful team there in Hamilton where I received my treatment.
– Carole B.

What a great team! They make a stressful event seem normal. They are so knowledgeable and KIND!
– Susan H.

Wonderful team everyone is so kind.
– Phyllis S.

You all are needed. Great work. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
– Gloria J.

I love the Hamilton office team! They are a smiling face, a warm heart, and an ear to talk to from something silly to something sad! I’m there 3 times a month and feel like they are part of my family and I wouldn’t want it any other way! Thank you ladies for everything you do for us!
-Janet M.

Really good to see you! OHC is the best!
– Betsey G.

This entire office is so caring and kind. I feel lucky to be taken care of by all of them. You are awesome girls.
– Pat R.


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  1. Sandy R says:

    Dr. Weisenberger and her staff were “top notch” professionals and care about each patient. The care I received was superior.