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An OHC Thanksgiving Story

James H. Essell, MD, Transplant Specialist and Co-Director of Research at OHC, Blogs, 4 comments
November 18, 2016


During this time of Thanksgiving, I think it is important to share a story of thanks and gratitude that recently happened due to the efforts of an OHC employee who clearly went above and beyond the call of duty for one of our patients and her family. I know acts of kindness occur daily in all of our offices and I encourage each of you to share these efforts as it reminds us what we do best, taking care of the entire patient during their journey with cancer.

Lorraine Blanchard, a long-time patient of OHC, is nearing the end of her journey with myeloma. She missed her son’s parent day for Thomas Moore football as she was in the hospital. Saturday will be her son CP Blanchard’s last college football game (jersey number 31). It will be too cold and possibly raining for her to be in the stands.

Maria Bryant, RN, a nurse navigator at our OHC Kenwood office, contacted the coach and athletic director at Thomas Moore. Lorraine will now be able to attend her son’s last game in a protected environment thanks to incredible efforts made by Maria. Our patient was beside herself with tears of joy. This is what OHC is about!

Thank you Maria for making this a reality for our patient.


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4 Responses

  1. Connie Zimmerman says:

    Great story! That’s the kind of caring and passionate staff is at OHC! Love the whole group!

  2. Monnie Sames says:

    Thank you Maria for the wonderful thing you have done for Lorraine and her son. It’s comforting to know there are still caring and giving people in the world. Lorraine really deserved this she has suffered and struggled for a long time. I’m proud to call her my best friend. Dr. Essell, thank you! Your a good doctor!