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April 25, 2019

Brett Bosse thought he was experiencing symptoms from foods he indulged in during a recent trip to Europe, but it turned that was not the case. It was testicular cancer. Brett was immediately referred to OHC medical oncologist Dr. Suzanne Partridge because of the comprehensive care and access to clinical trials that OHC offers patients.

“After about four weeks of sporadic abdominal pain and bladder and bowel trouble, I went to the emergency room,” Brett explained. “They discovered a tumor, which was diagnosed as testicular cancer. Lucky for me, Dr. Suzanne Partridge was my doctor because well, she is the greatest doctor ever!”

Dr. Partridge’s plan for Brett was four cycles of chemotherapy; every day for five days, then off two weeks, then start the next cycle. But one week before Brett was to start his chemotherapy, he got very sick. He was admitted to the hospital and, after much testing, Brett was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, an acquired or hereditary disease of heart muscle that makes it hard for the heart to deliver blood to the body. It can lead to heart failure.

“Even though my treatment was delayed, Dr. Partridge would call to check on me, even when I was in the hospital for my heart, not the cancer,” Brett explained. “Once the cardiologists got my heart condition under control, Dr. Partridge was ready to start my cancer treatment. She admitted me to the hospital for my first round of chemo because she wanted my heart monitored. Except for a few hiccoughs, everything went well that week and for most of my therapy. That’s because Dr. Partridge was always there, never seemed overwhelmed, and always had a plan for me. She even called me on weekends to check on me. She is the greatest doctor!”

Brett’s heart condition could have been a great challenge for Dr. Partridge, but her knowledge and expertise helped him through his chemotherapy. For example, like many cancer patients, Brett experienced dehydration caused by side effects of the chemotherapy. Standard treatment is to give patients fluids. However, Brett’s cardiomyopathy can cause fluid retention and lead to a dangerous situation. Dr. Partridge and the OHC care team took extra precautions by giving Brett fluids at a slower, longer duration to avoid retention and the risk heart failure. And during each round of chemotherapy, the OHC treatment nurses closely monitored Brett’s heart to make sure he was doing well.

Brett is now a two-year survivor, an accomplishment he credits to his OHC cancer care team.

“The entire staff at OHC was incredible. They treated me more like a member of the family than a patient. Now I volunteer every other Friday at OHC West because I want to give back,” Brett added. In recognition of Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and the care and support he received from OHC, and his desire to help others, Brett shared his remarkable story.

When it comes to the care of our patients, the team at OHC combines scientific knowledge with a personal approach because our experts promise to surround you and your family with the emotional, financial and social support you need to beat cancer. We encourage you to learn more about testicular cancer here or read about another OHC patient, Matt Stockwell, who also survived testicular cancer here. To schedule an appointment with an OHC doctor or to ask for a second opinion about your diagnosis, click here or call OHC at 1-800-710-4674.

Top Picture: OHC cancer survivor and volunteer Brett Bosse (center) with Julie Devine, RN, (left) and Kay Mulloney, RN, (right) who work in the treatment suite at OHC West.

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  1. Rhonda Schmidt says:

    Fantastic article, congratulations!!

    • OHC says:

      Hi Rhonda. Thank you for your kind comment. Brett is a wonderful person who is so positive and very inspirational. He was so generous in sharing his story to help others diagnosed with the same condition. We’re glad you enjoyed his story. Best regards, OHC

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