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Same-day Urgent Care Coming to OHC

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January 27, 2014


According to OHC Chief Medical Officer David Kirlin, “One of our Oncology Medical Home goals is to facilitate urgent care for our patients. Our weekend office hours project is an example of this plan. We also want same-day evaluation to be available to our patients on a Monday through Friday schedule.”

So, what does this mean for OHC patients in need of urgent attention?

Beginning Mon., Feb. 3, OHC’s APPs (Advanced Practice Providers) will have time in their daily schedules reserved just for patients who require same-day urgent care. Times blocked out are 10 – 10:15 AM and 2 – 2:15 PM, from Monday through Friday.

Added Dr. Kirlin, “OHC completed a needs assessment and determined that implementing same-day care visits would improve our ability to provide follow-up care while helping patients avoid unnecessary emergency department visits and hospitalizations.”

How can you make a same-day urgent care appointment?

Just call in during office hours like always. You will be directed to an OHC Nurse Navigator who will assess whether the need is urgent. If so, the Nurse Navigator will either (A) direct the caller to seek immediate medical attention at an emergency department; (B) instruct the caller as to how to manage the condition at home; or (C) directly schedule the patient for a same-day visit with an APP.

OHC is committed to continually looking for and implementing new procedures and policies that will bring an increased level of quality care and convenience to our patients. So stay tuned to this blog.



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