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Sister Keeps Her Promise to Support Cancer Patients

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March 5, 2019


Bobby Guthier was one of those people that everyone naturally liked. He was an avid golfer and bowler, and loved to laugh. His greatest love was for his boys, wife and family.

When Bobby’s sisters were diagnosed with breast cancer, Bobby and their families surrounded them with love, support and encouragement.

After her treatments, Bobby’s sister Tammy Schroder decided she wanted to help other cancer patients. She made care bags filled with items to help patients during treatment. She raised money and bought gift cards for her doctors in Pikeville, KY to give patients who needed food, gas or personal items. Tammy’s acts of kindness and generosity inspired Bobby. His goal was to join his sister in supporting cancer patients in eastern Kentucky. His passion was to help people in their fight against cancer.

Then Bobby was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He, too, was surrounded by the same love, support and encouragement as Tammy had been.

“I told Bobby I’d take him wherever he wanted to go for treatment,” Tammy explained. “Cleveland, Mayo, anywhere. He wanted to stay here. He knew a Cincinnati surgeon whom he said received referrals from those other places. And this doctor highly recommended Dr. David Waterhouse, a medical oncologist with OHC. That’s who Bobby wanted for his cancer care. I’m glad because our entire family loved Dr. Waterhouse. Not only did he care for Bobby, he cared about Bobby.”

“Dr. Waterhouse gave Bobby so much hope and encouragement. I was Bobby’s cheerleader and I soon realized Dr. Waterhouse was, too. When you have cancer, what you want most is hope. And you especially want to hear it from your doctor, and that what Dr. Waterhouse did,” she said.

Sadly, Bobby didn’t survive bladder cancer. Before he passed, he asked Tammy to continue her work and not forget about people fighting cancer. He asked her to remember men because they need help too.

Tammy decided to create the Bobby G. Memorial Fund to keep her promise to Bobby and continue her work. A brief mention in his obituary was the introduction of the fund – and it brought in $10,000, all of which went directly to help patients. Over the last five years, Tammy and her friends have raised close to $100,000, which has provided cancer patients with wigs, clothing, care bags and gas cards.

She also added to her bucket list to someday meet Dr. Waterhouse in person.

On February 22, Tammy and her friends Mary Jean and Mimi, visited the OHC Blue Ash office to donate gift bags for patients. During that visit, Tammy got to meet Dr. Waterhouse.

“The day I finally got to meet Dr. Waterhouse was one of the best days of my life,” said Tammy. “Bobby loved Dr. Waterhouse! He talked about him all the time, and so I just had to meet him. It was so joyful because he was someone who really loved my brother. He really cared about him.”

Tammy continues her work support cancer patients. Her most recent donation was on February 27 when she stopped by OHC West office – where Bobby went for treatment – with bags for men and women.

“I miss my brother. He left us too soon, but I’m glad something good is coming from his passing.”

If you would like to donate to the Bobby G. Memorial Fund, contact WesBanco Bank in Fort Thomas, Kentucky at 859-442-7600.

OHC has been fighting cancer on the front lines for more than three decades. We are the region’s leading experts in the treatment of nearly every form of adult cancer and complex blood disorder. OHC offers the latest medical, gynecologic and radiation therapy, and is always seeking better treatment options through participation in clinical trials. To learn more about OHC and how their cancer experts are providing patients with hope through the latest treatments, clinical trials and support, please visit ohcare.com or call 888-649-4800.

bobby g memorial fund ohc blue ash

Mary Jean, Tammy and Mimi spend time with a patient at OHC Blue Ash

bobby g memorial fund bobby's girls

Mimi, Mary Jean and Tammy bringing bags filled with items for OHC patients receiving treatment

bobby g memorial fund ohc west

Tammy, Mary Jean and Mimi present a care bag to a patient at OHC West

bobby g memorial fund care bag

The Bobby G care bags

bobby g memorial fund care bag

Each care bag contains a picture of Bobby and his family and their story


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