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OHC new year

A Special Message from OHC for the New Year

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December 28, 2018


OHC financial navigatorIn reflecting on the past year, our team at OHC noticed an underlying theme as we shared some of our most inspirational stories: hope. That’s because if you golfed before cancer, we want you to be golfing for many years after cancer. If you attended your grandkids’ soccer games before cancer, we want you back in the stands after cancer. When we provide treatment and support for our patients, our greatest hope is to extend their lives and for it to be the best quality of life possible. This is the reason we come to work each day. It’s the reason we are relentless in our search for a cure. It’s the reason we will do everything we can to support and strengthen you throughout your journey.

“I was on a pill for a year or so that was working, but then it stopped working, so Dr. Lang put me on another pill and it’s working great. In fact, sometimes I forget I have lung cancer,” said OHC patient Barb Hall. “And the entire staff has been wonderful. They’ve helped me with everything and have been so supportive. I don’t worry about anything.”

“We had a patient called our nurse triage center because she was experiencing significant nausea from her chemotherapy. Her primary concern wasn’t the nausea, but having to leave her family who was in town for a very short visit. I assured her that we’d work together to do whatever was needed to help her avoid an unnecessary trip to the ER. I think giving her strong hope that she could stay home with her family was the dose of medicine she needed,” said Teresa Meyer-Smith, RN, Triage Nurse at OHC.

Cancer is a complex life experience that affects the entire family, home life, work life, finances, and emotions, in addition to a patient’s physical condition. And so, for that reason, we strive to surround our patients with a variety of services that can help with all aspects of their care. It often starts with providing the latest treatments.

“For me, when I meet with my patient and I can tell her that her treatment is working and her prognosis is promising, I can instantly see a glimmer of hope in her eyes and…well, that’s just wonderful,” said Betsy Levick, MD, radiation oncologist at OHC.

For some patients, they may feel a sense of hopelessness before treatment event starts.

“A lot of patients are more worried about getting their kids to school or cleaning the house than they are about chemotherapy,” said OHC Nurse Navigator Alyssa Furnish. “We help alleviate these other anxieties that come with a cancer diagnosis by connecting them with organizations that provide these types of services. We help them with all of the challenges – not just treatments – that this cancer has brought into their life.”

david waterhouse md with patientPossibly, nowhere is hope more prevalent than in the minds of our research team.

“In research lies hope, and that’s why we vigorously participate in clinical trials. Each study has the promise of an even better treatment than the one before it, which means better outcomes for our patients,” explained David Waterhouse, MD, MPH, who serves as co-director of research at OHC. “We’re studying medicines that are radically changing the approach to treatment. That’s why, at 2 a.m., I’m reviewing data from a clinical trial and I’m totally unaware that’s it’s 2 a.m. I should be sleeping. But the words and numbers on the pages in front of me remind me of the gentleman I saw earlier that day who looked in my eyes for a glimmer of hope in his battle with lung cancer. This is what we do at OHC.”

As we approach the beginning of another new year, our message to you is a message we’ve been delivering since Dr. Richard Levy founded OHC. All of us are here for you, with hope, and to walk side-by-side with you and your family, armed with the latest treatments and support services, to surround you and your family with everything you need to fight cancer.


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