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August 1, 2019

Sometimes it’s the simple things, like an ice-cold Coke or a warm blanket, that can help a patient get through their cancer treatment.

When Diane Crocker was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was the beginning of a long journey for her and her husband. Daily and weekly trips to OHC became a part of the Indiana couple’s routine.

Diane had complete confidence in the medical and radiation therapy she received from OHC’s Dr. Suzanne Partridge, medical oncologist and hematologist, and Dr. Jennifer Gerson, radiation oncologist. What she didn’t expect was the comfort items OHC provides its patients and their families in their treatment suite, and how important they would become to her.

“Medical care is important, but the other things are just as important because they are what get you through it,” Diane said. “The cookies are my favorite, and the cold water. The staff was always smiling, always asking what we needed. And Dr. Partridge and Dr. Gerson made me feel at ease. The extra stuff just made me feel better, happy. I always left my appointments feeling good.”

Diane’s husband, Glen, agrees.

“Everyone was so nice and polite, and they treated Diane like a queen,” he explained. “They always had snacks and drinks. We were eating, drinking Cokes, and really, having a good time! They also have a basket with hats and blankets. A couple times, Diane took one of each.”

With only three treatments left, Glen and Diane wanted to do something to show their appreciation. The couple decided to make a donation to the OHC West “Snack Kitchen” since it had been an important source of support for them during Diane’s treatment.

“I asked how we could make a donation toward snacks and things. They were an important part of the care we received and helped us get through her cancer. They became just as important as the medicine, and we want others to have that same support and experience,” Glen added.

Diane and Glen made another contribution to OHC without realizing it.

“Diane and Glen are like a source of inspiration for us,” said Dr. Partridge. “They are so appreciative of the treatment and care we provide them, but what they don’t realize is the inspiration they give us. Like our other patients, they’re always smiling and upbeat, and that makes us smile and brightens our day.”

“I recommend OHC to everyone,” said Diane, who receives her care at OHC West in Green Township. “You don’t need to travel north or west or anywhere else. It’s all right here. You can’t beat this care.”

OHC understands that when someone is diagnosed with cancer, their lives are forever changed. It can affect every aspect of their physical, emotional and financial well-being. At OHC, we’re experts at treating cancer and providing support services to surround our patients with everything they need to focus on what matters most – getting well.  To learn more about OHC, its doctors and services, we invite you to read through this web site or call 1-800-710-4674.

Pictured left to right: Beth Cope, RN, OHC Radiation Nurse Navigator, Glen Crocker, OHC patient Diane Crocker, and Suzanne Partridge, OHC Medical Oncologist and Hematologist

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10 responses to “A Surprising Source Helped One Couple Get Through Cancer”

  1. Alice Ngao says:

    Hello OHC,
    How can you help my mum who has been diagnosed with Endometrium cancer?

    We are based in Kenya.
    Any donation to access good medical care will be appreciated.

    Kind Regards.
    Alice Ngao.

    • OHC says:

      Dear Alice,

      We are so sorry to hear of your Mother’s diagnosis. Due to our location, we are unable to treat her. Perhaps you can search for a cancer doctor near you who can provide her with care. Meanwhile, we will keep your Mother, you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.


  2. Andrew Crocker says:

    Thank you for taking such great care of my mom and making the experience positive for both of them! God bless you all!

    • OHC says:

      Dear Andrew,

      We consider it a privilege to care for your mom and your dad during this period of their lives. And we’re glad to know that we’ve been able to make their experience positive. We’re also grateful that they allowed us to share their story because it will serve as inspiration for others going through a cancer diagnosis and treatment. And their donation will be a great source of comfort to patients. We should also note, that your mom and dad bring joy to our doctors and staff too with their warm smiles and positive disposition.

      Thank you.

  3. Bonnie Kelley says:

    Diane and Glenn are truly special! Sending hugs and prayers for continued healing, Diane!

  4. Jeff Millspaugh says:

    You are certainly very special people. Wishing you all the best.

  5. Cheryl Mishos says:

    My husband, Simon, was a patient of Dr Paula Wiesenberger for 21 years. Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and related problems took his life in February of this year. I haven’t words to express my gratitude to Dr Weisenberger and her staff for their knowledgeable and kind care. She especially guided us through trying times. OHC is a special group of people for those in need.

    • OHC says:

      Dear Cheryl,

      Please accept our condolences on the passing of your husband. Losing a spouse is a tremendous loss and our hearts go out to you. We are pleased to know that Dr. Weisenberger and the staff were able to provide care and comfort to you both throughout his cancer journey. Lovely people like you and Simon are the driving force behind our ongoing commitment to provide comprehensive care and support, and to continue our research until we find a cure.

      With deep sympathy,

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