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Tips for Cancer Medication Refills

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September 10, 2014


OHC pharmacy services are offered exclusively to OHC patients. Our pharmacists work directly with physicians, nurses, patients, and caregivers on the proper selection, distribution, administration and clinical monitoring of medications, regardless of the location where they are treated.

Our pharmacists are specially trained in oral chemotherapy and supportive care medications. The pharmacy staff can help you navigate through insurance plan authorizations and financial assistance. We also place a special emphasis on supporting you through medication schedules designed for maximum efficiency and minimum side effects. Together with the rest of the OHC team, our pharmacy staff is committed to offering care that is specialized, high quality, cost effective, and convenient.

Services Offered by OHC’s Retail Pharmacy:

  • Anti-nausea and pain medications, as well as oral chemotherapy, can be filled on site at OHC’s Blue Ash location.
  • Reminder phone calls to patients and direct communication with nurse navigators and physicians for prescription refills.
  • Financial assistance and free shipping provided for oral chemotherapy.

Please monitor your medications closely to avoid a delay in refilling your medications. We recommend you check the status of your medications before each office visit so you can ask for refills while you are in our office. Between visits, you can request a refill by calling our office during regular office hours at 1-800-710-4674. Just ask for the pharmacy.

Pain Medication Refills
Due to federal laws and pharmacy regulations, most narcotics or controlled substances, such as pain medication, must be written and signed by a physician during normal business hours. We are unable to call these types of prescriptions into the pharmacy. These prescriptions must be picked up at the physician’s office during business hours by the patient or an authorized family member or friend. Otherwise, the office will mail the prescription to your pharmacy to avoid a delay in refiling your medications. Any person picking up your prescriptions must be listed on your personal health information disclosure list to assure privacy and confidentiality is maintained.

If you are requesting pain medication when the office is closed, the on-call physician will direct you to visit an OHC office or emergency department to be evaluated for pain management.

Refills by Phone
When calling our office, remember to have your pharmacy telephonenumber available for refills or new medications that may be prescribed for your symptoms. Please have an alternate-pharmacy number available if your primary pharmacy is not open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

If you have not received information about your refill request by mid-afternoon on the day you call, please phone the office before 4 p.m. to assure your request will be addressed.

It is helpful to avoid after-hours refills. We generally cannot provide medication refills after hours (evenings, weekends, and holidays).



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