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Who Is Your Unsung Hero?

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February 11, 2015


The Unsung Hero Awards, bestowed by the wonderful Cancer Family Care organization, honors and celebrates the many acts of quiet heroism performed by cancer patients and the people who care for them.

In 2003, Cancer Family Care established the Joslin Haggart Yeiser Unsung Hero Awards. According to her husband, Eric Yeiser, Joslin was a quiet hero. “It is fitting that the Unsung Hero Awards be named for Joslin,” Mr. Yeiser explains. “Even in her last months, when she was suffering from cancer and in pain, she was still able to maintain her smile, sense of humor, and served as an inspiration to all who knew her.”

Will You Nominate Someone Deserving?

We at OHC see so many deserving people every day…from our incredible patients to our partners, employees, and doctors. We hope that you’ll take the time to nominate someone you feel is deserving, whether it’s a patient, caregiver, or oncology professional.

Cancer Family Care defines a cancer patient or survivor as an adult or child who currently has cancer or has battled cancer at any time. A caregiver is someone who is caring for or who has cared for a cancer patient. And an oncology professional is defined as someone who cares for cancer patients in a professional capacity such as physician, nurse, radiation or chemotherapy technician, hospice worker, social worker, home health aide, etc.

You can even nominate a team of people. For example, last year in the Oncology Professionals category, the OHC Financial Team was a winner for “their dedication to and compassion for cancer patients is evident every day. They assist patients with Medicare and disability applications and explore insurance benefits and available financial resources…they were able to provide patients with $1.3 million in assistance, money that patients would owe if not for them. They truly put patients first.”

How To Nominate Someone:

Submit your application here, or mail or fax your nomination to:

Cancer Family Care
ATTN: Jill Settlemyre
2421 Auburn Ave.
Cincinnati OH 45219
Fax: 513-458-3582

The Nomination Requirements:

  • Your nomination must be 600 words or less
  • Your nominee must live or work in Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky
  • You must include your full name, address, and phone number
  • Your must include the full name, address, and daytime phone number of the nominee
  • If possible, please include a photo of the nominee

Nomination Deadline:

No later than Mon., April 10, 2015

Awards Ceremony:

Tue., May 19, 6pm
Kingsgate Marriott Conference Center
(at the University of Cincinnati)


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2 Responses

  1. Amanda Switkowski says:

    I nominate my beautiful best friend Jill Brzezinski-Conley!!