From D. Randolph Drosick, MD, a medical oncologist and hematologist at OHC who serves on the Karen Wellington Foundation Board of Directors

November 12, 2020

For women dealing with breast cancer their lives tend to be consumed by their disease and treatment. At OHC, our team leads patients through their cancer journey with advanced treatments as well as support services and resources to help them manage their lives and bring some enjoyment while fighting their disease.

A breast cancer diagnosis leaves many patients with a calendar filled with doctor appointments, radiation, chemotherapy, tests, scans, and more. It can leave many patients feeling overwhelmed and longing for the time when they focused on time with their family and friends. This is why the cancer experts at OHC connect patients and their families with community support resources that provide additional support that can help patients during this difficult time.

One of these resources is The Karen Wellington Foundation (KWF) for LIVING With Breast Cancer and it was established with the purpose of putting some fun back on the calendars of women with breast cancer.

KWF has brought smiles to the faces of breast cancer patients and their families during a challenging and difficult time in their lives. Patients tell us that a vacation or a spa day allows them to step away from their appointments and treatments and enjoy precious time with their family. In that moment, they forget they have cancer.

KWF recipients are chosen through a nomination process. They can be nominated by anyone, including a family member, friend, co-worker, member of their church, or a member of their cancer care team. KWF makes these gifts possible through generous people who donate a week of their vacation homes, their airline miles, tickets to a sporting event or a concert, or cash.

At OHC, we understand the impact a breast cancer diagnosis can have on a patient and their family. If you or someone you know needs cancer support services, visit our Community Support Resources page for a list of organizations and the services they offer. To nominate a patient for a KWF gift of fun, visit and complete the nomination form. For information about breast cancer and treatments at OHC, or for a second opinion, visit or call 1-888-649-4800.

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  1. Nancy Sirmans says:

    How can you do things outside your house due to the risk of catching COVID?

    • OHC says:

      Dear Nancy,

      Thank you for your message and your interest in the Karen Wellington Foundation (KWF). The Foundation is following guidelines for protection from COVID-19 while supporting women with breast cancer and their families. You can learn details about how they are doing this by contacting KWF at You can also contact KWF through their Facebook page, on which there are examples of how they are following social distancing and mask guidelines. Their page is:

      Best regards,

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