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Cynthia Chua MD OHC medical oncologist

Cynthia Chua, M.D.

Breast cancer, gynecologic cancer, lung cancer, and lymphoma are Dr. Chua’s areas of interest. “Cancer care is an intellectually challenging field that requires a broad base of knowledge and skills,” says Dr. Chua. She also serves as the principal investigator for gynecologic cancer clinical trials.
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Medical Oncology


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Breast cancer
Lung cancer


Breast cancer
Lung cancer


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Duke University School of Medicine


University Hospital, Boston


University Hospital, Boston


Duke University Medical Center


American Board of Internal Medicine
American Board of Medical Oncology
National Board of Medical Examiners


American Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology
Academy of Medicine, Cincinnati
Ohio State Medical Association


Bethesda North Pharmacy and Therapeutics


Service Award, Bethesda North Hospital

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As a member of our OHC physician team, Dr. Chua has full access to the OHC Clinical Trial research program.

We encourage our patients to discuss all of their healthcare options — including Clinical Trial research programs — with their doctor.

The following are recent reviews provided by actual OHC patients:

"Dr. Chua does a great job of explaining things to me. I feel that she uses the most current information and tailors it to my individual circumstances. She listens to what I have to say and takes it into consideration."

"I have a lot of trust in Dr. Chua. I would and have trusted her with my life. She always makes the decisions which are best for my health."

"I have been with Dr. Chua since 1990. She is an awesome doctor and person. I would recommend her to everyone. Thanks for being with me all these years. You kept me alive."